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Visit for a complete listing of local urgent care centers in San Antonio, Texas. The following urgent care centers provide medical care right away and can treat acute and chronic illnesses and injuries.

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MedPost Urgent Care (Thousand Oaks)

MedPost Urgent Care (Stone Oak Parkway)

MedPost Urgent Care (Deerfield Crossing)

Prompt Urgent Care

FastMed Urgent Care

Impact Urgent Care (Huebner)

Impact Urgent Care (Woodlake)

Impact Urgent Care (Culebra)

Obtaining Urgent Care in San Antonio, Texas

Although there is an abundance of urgent care in San Antonio, Texas, not everyone is aware of the types of conditions and incidents that can be treated in these facilities. Many people think they can visit a local urgent care for virtually any type of illness or accident, but this is not the case. Below is a little more information regarding what type of treatments can be administered at an urgent care center and what is required when visiting.

Photo ID and Insurance Information

Two of the most important items to carry when visiting urgent care in San Antonio, Texas include a form of photo identification and proof of health insurance (if you currently have insurance). Acceptable forms of photo ID include a driver’s license, school, college or university ID cards, military ID cards or virtually any other form of state-issued identification containing your photo.

Although you will need to present proof of health insurance if you currently have any, you are not required to have insurance in order to visit urgent care in San Antonio, Texas. An added advantage is that most urgent care center visits will cost a lot less than if you had to go to an emergency room.

Types of Conditions Treated

Urgent care in San Antonio, Texas can be used to address and treat conditions including flu, pneumonia, bronchitis, ear infection, gastroenteritis, conjunctivitis (pink eye), animal and insect stings/bites, sports-related injuries, sprains, cuts that require stitches, rashes, allergies, pulmonary embolisms, and minor burns. Although urgent care employees are trained to treat conditions like these, they may refer you to an alternative treatment center if your condition is more serious than initially thought.

After visiting urgent care, it is strongly recommended that you follow the advice provided to you by the attending doctor and/or nurses, as this will enable you to recover as quickly as possible. You should also provide your health history and inform the center’s employees if you have any type of allergies before they begin treating you.

When visiting any walk-in clinic in San Antonio, Texas, it is important to remember that there may sometimes be a short wait before you will be attended to – especially during the flu season. However, the employees will always attend to you as quickly as possible to ensure that any inconvenience to you and your loved ones is kept to a minimum.

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