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Visit for a complete listing of local urgent care centers in Fort Worth, Texas. The following urgent care centers provide medical care right away and can treat acute and chronic illnesses and injuries.

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What to Expect when Using Urgent Care in Fort Worth, Texas

No one ever plans on getting sick or suffering from an injury – and it usually happens at the most inconvenient times as well. This is when most people will have to seek some form of urgent care in Fort Worth, Texas. However, when visiting an urgent care center, not everyone knows what to expect or what they are required to supply at the time of their visit. Below is a basic guideline in this regard.

Identification and Proof of Insurance

Two of the main items that will need to be provided at the time of your visit to urgent care on Fort Worth, Texas include photo identification and proof of health insurance (if applicable). Acceptable forms of photo ID can include a state-issued driver’s license, school or college ID, military ID, work badge or virtually any other form of ID that displays your full name and photo.

Other information that is a good idea to provide is your medical history, a list of medications you are using regularly and information regarding allergies you have (if applicable). This will enable employees at the urgent care center to provide you with the most appropriate form of treatment as promptly as possible.

Not All Conditions are Equal

Before visiting urgent care in Fort Worth, Texas, it is recommended that you call ahead to determine the types of conditions or emergencies that a specific center will be able to assist you with. For example, most urgent care centers will be able to assist with conditions such as insect stings or bites, animal bites, pink eye, flu, bronchitis, otitis media, broken bones, sprains, and, strains. However, many may not be able to help with conditions such as cardiac resuscitation, heart attacks, vision-related conditions or fevers that are over 100 degrees in babies who are under the age of six months.

When visiting a urgent care, it is important that you be prepared to wait a while before being attended to – especially during flu season. Because there are many walk-in clinics in the Fort Worth area, it can be a good idea to ask friends or family for recommendations before heading to the first one you can find. Some centers may have shorter waiting periods than others and you may find a center that offers better levels of client service as well.

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