Privacy Policy

After hrs Clinic understands the significance of securing personal information and data. Thus, we and our team consent to following all laws and guidelines, ensuring the complete safety of personal details with our website. We respect your privacy and therefore want to inform you about our privacy policy. We understand that the medical condition and the treatment of any person are sensitive, and therefore we give complete assurance of maintaining your privacy. Some of the fundamental principles followed at After hrs clinic are-

  • We do not ask for any personal information such as Name, Phone number, or address
  • Any information shared with us is not stored in our database.
  • After hrs clinic doesn’t share any of your personal details with a third party
  • Before assisting you with your health needs, we will not ask for your medical history or ongoing treatment

Some un-recognizable information such as the IP address of the system, browsing time of the customer, date and time that automatically gets updated in our database is cleared, and no records of it are maintained in our system. So, we as a team are constantly working towards improving our services and providing you with the best service. With After hrs Clinic, all your personal information and medical history are safe and completely secure.