How Much Is An Urgent Care Visit?

Got a minor ailment that needs to be checked out urgently, but doesn’t think it’s worth going to ER for? A trip to an urgent care clinic could be a better option than visiting your local doctor’s office – you’re likely to get seen faster and your treatment will be thorough. But how much does an urgent care visit cost?

Most people expect convenience to cost more. Whilst this is the case in many other situations, our clinics aim to offer convenience and affordability. In fact, you could pay a lot less than a trip to ER.

44% of Americans avoid going to the doctor’s because of the cost

A trip to the doctor’s is often unforeseen and many people don’t have the funds set aside to pay for treatment. This can result in many people not getting the medical attention they need.

In fact, in a national survey, it was revealed that 44% of Americans skip a visit to the doctors because of the cost.

This can sometimes result in medical conditions getting worse. Eventually these medical conditions may require serious emergency medical treatment. Not only that, but many of these conditions can end up much more costly when delayed.

In order to encourage more people to get the healthcare they deserve, we offer an affordable alternative option to visiting your local doctor. Not only can an urgent care visit cost less than going to ER, but it can also be quicker and more straightforward.

Do I need health insurance to visit an urgent care clinic?

It’s a known fact that some doctors clinics turn away patients that aren’t insured. This is why many people go to ER – because you can still get treatment without insurance. However, our urgent care clinics will also aim to provide treatment even if you are not insured.

Typically, an urgent care visit costs less than a ER visit for those uninsured. By ringing up ahead, we can give you a quote and even help you to compare costs across all our clinics so that you can find the cheapest one nearest to you.

How much does an urgent care visit cost with insurance?

If you are insured, you can expect the total cost of treatment to be paid for by your insurer, providing you’ve met your deductible. The deductible is a cost that you agree with your insurer to pay out of your own pocket when seeking medical treatment. Your insurance provider charges this deductible – not the clinic. If you’re not sure how much your current deductible is, you can call up your insurer to find out.

You should make sure that your insurance plan also doesn’t include co-insurance. This is an extra payment on top of your deductible paid to covered health services and may vary depending on the clinic you are getting treatment from. Fortunately, even if you do have to pay co-insurance and a deductible, you’re likely to pay less at an urgent care clinic than you are at ER.

The cost benefits of an urgent care clinic

All in all, visiting an urgent care clinic can cost you a lot less than pursuing any other option when getting treatment for a minor ailment. Here are some of the benefits summarised:

·         If you are uninsured, you’ll pay less at an urgent care clinic than you will at ER.

·         Unlike some local doctor’s clinics, you won’t be turned away for being uninsured and our clinics will aim to help you find the cheapest treatment option to meet your financial circumstances.

·         If you are insured, all treatment costs will be covered providing you’ve paid your deductible and co-insurance.

·         Even with the added cost of a deductible and co-insurance, treatment at an urgent care clinic is generally cheaper than going to ER.

Our urgent care clinics not only offer to aim affordability but a more straightforward billing system that takes the confusion out of medical costs. Our staff at our care centres can help guide you through the expenses and simplify anything that you are unsure about.

On top of this is the added convenience of our clinics, making our urgent care service the best option all round when you need to get medical treatment. You can find more information on the services we offer on this site.