How Much Does Urgent Care Cost Without Insurance?

Need to get immediate treatment for a minor injury or ailment, but don’t have insurance? Our urgent care clinics aim to offer treatment to everyone and will help you find a financial solution even if you are uninsured.

Most people assume that because of the added of convenience of urgent care, it will cost them more than a trip to their local doctor or ER. However, the opposite is true – an urgent care clinic can often cost you less than a visit to the doctor or ER. This makes it an ideal option for those wanting fast and affordable treatment.

Almost a third of Americans don’t have insurance

A lot of people don’t have any health insurance scheme in place – in fact, almost a third of Americans are thought to be uninsured. Not having insurance can be a financial concern for many families who fear that they may not be able to afford treatment if they need it.

It’s a known fact that some local doctors will turn away patients that do not have insurance. As a result, many people end up going to ER to get treatment – because ER will treat you immediately, even if you don’t have insurance.

Unfortunately, a trip to ER can be expensive and may not always be a necessary use of such resources if it’s only a minor injury or ailment. Urgent care provides a more affordable alternative for those that need immediate treatment and are uninsured.

How much does urgent care cost without insurance?

Urgent care centers have become a popular option for those wanting to save money on immediate treatment. Whilst they still charge a service fee, it is much less than the fees commonly charged by a hospital emergency room. On top of this, urgent care centers are more easily able to negotiate with uninsured patients when it comes to payment options.

So how much does urgent care cost without insurance? This depends largely on the circumstances and as to what type of treatment is needed. Basic urgent care visits tend to cost around $100 – costs may be added if medication is required or x-rays are required.

Urgent care clinics tend to only deal with minor injuries and ailments and you may be sent to a hospital emergency room or local doctor if more serious treatment is required. Minor injuries and ailments that are often treated by urgent care clinics include cuts, burns, fractures, ringing in the ears, unpleasant infections, and more.

What additional costs can I expect to pay?

On top of the cost of a basic urgent care visit, further costs may be added if you require any additional services or resources. Some of the common additional costs include:

·         Injections and medication

·         X-rays

·         Bandages and casts

You can usually ask for an itemised bill and may be able to negotiate certain treatment options.

Negotiating payment without insurance

We understand that paying for treatment without insurance can be difficult. Most people cannot afford such large out of pocket expenses and may feel that they have no option but to take out a loan. However, loans needn’t be the only option and our urgent care facilities may be able to help you find another form of payment.

By contacting us in advance, we may be able to give you a quote and help guide you through the various payment options available. This is another major benefit that urgent care has.

Why you should visit an urgent care clinic today

A lot of people that are uninsured delay getting medical treatment when they need it. This can result in small injuries and ailments turning into serious conditions. Once these conditions get serious a trip to ER could be unavoidable and the costs of treatment are likely to be much greater.

Visiting an urgent care clinic today could save you money in the long run, but more importantly it could prevent any serious health problems from developing.

Urgent care clinics operate on a walk-in basis so you don’t have to book an appointment. This allows you to choose the visiting time best suited to you. You can find out more information on our urgent care services on this site.