FAQ’s on After hours clinic

We will make sure you get proper treatment at an urgent care. But, we promise you to connect to a specialist if needed.

No, You need not require any appointment to visit urgent care.

It is absolutely obvious to be asked a lot of questions, but only with your current situation and past medical history. These questions are asked with a motive to identify your issue.

Yes, children can also be brought in an urgent care.

It is totally depending on the number of clients on that particular day. Also the one comes first gets treated first.

The urgent cares consists of physicians along with nurses to treat you at an urgent care.

You need to bring your proof of identity and your previous medical documents if you have been treated with any medical issues in your past life.

No, You need not require any such insurance to get treated in an after urgent care services. They accept cash, cheques or credit cards.

You will be treated at your time allotted. Chances in the timings can only be done if there are not many appointments on that day.

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